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Huntington Hills has been my mom’s home for the past three and a half years. The wonderful staff on unit 2D was so incredible and caring to my mother and myself, especially during her final days. They have shown so much sincere compassion and have left a lasting impression on me forever. Each and every one of them is special and I would just like you to know this. It isn’t easy having a parent in a nursing home, but I am glad I chose Huntington Hills for her home.

— Kathy Gladle & family of Gloria Shkursky

How do we even begin to thank all of you for the wonderful care and compassion shown to Rose DeVito? No one wants to have a loved one in a long term care facility, but after our experience with Huntington Hills, we now know there is a safe and caring alternative if a loved one can no longer stay at home. There wasn’t one visit we had when Rose wasn’t “out and about” doing something – never just sitting in her room staring. We are so grateful for that. We received calls even for a minor medical issue (a cough, a red toe) and knew she was being watched very carefully. Your facility is always clean and decorated beautifully and we enjoyed seeing the various happy birthday signs on residence’s doors for their special day. Our whole family was there often enough to get a very good sense of the care and management and it has all been excellent. Every nurse and aid had a good attitude, even when challenged with a difficult resident. They always had time to speak with us, and were always diligent. It truly was a home away from home for Rose and for us. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to EVERY single person who attended to Rose. We know how difficult their jobs are. But we felt the love and wanted to tell you all, on those difficult days, please reflect back to Rose DeVito and know you made her last months there comfortable and safe. We will miss seeing all of you and are truly grateful for all you have done for her and for us.

— The DeVito’s: Joe, Diane, Tommy, Esperanza and Ernie

“I was at Huntington Hills and was most impressed by the excellent care I received. The physical therapy was wonderful, all staff including the doctors were kind and helpful. Also, the pianist during dining was therapeutic to listen to. I have told my relatives and friends about your facility and would wholeheartedly recommend Huntington Hills to anyone.”

— Rose Marie Heitshusen

“Huntington Hills is by far the best nursing facility on Long Island. You have instilled a philosophy and ideals at Huntington Hills Center for Health and Rehabilitation that ensure the residents are given respect and the best care possible. Our family cannot thank you and your staff enough for all you do.”

— Debra Kitsos & Family

“From the time I arrived, and throughout my stay, the staff was wonderful…The nursing staff was very attentive, provided care for me without my feeling helpless or embarrassed. I never imagined having knee replacement surgery and requiring the care provided by Huntington Hills.”

— Filomena, patient

“I had been at two other rehab facilities before going to Huntington Hills, so I feel as though I can definitely compare them. Your facility was beyond the very best. Everything about it was just about perfect. It made what was a very difficult time, much easier.”

— Martha Fea

“My father was a short-term rehab patient for several weeks for a pelvic fracture. The care provided to him was outstanding and as a social worker, I don’t believe I ever worked in such a warm, caring setting such as this. He had a difficult time adjusting to being out of his home environment, but the patience and devotion from the staff was incredible. I truly appreciate the compassion and professionalism of the staff and know that it played a huge part in his recovery.”

— Leslie Mazarin

“I have come such a long way from when I first entered this center and just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who helped me along the way.”

— Jo-Ann Baronowski